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Two figures per package, choose from Daniel and Miyagi, Choozen and Sato, or Johnny and Kreese.Released in 1993, Sally Secrets was a cyborg from the future who functioned sort of like the Inspector Gadget of arts and crafts.Description Every little boys dream of hopping into a sporty car and driving off to dreamland.Many of the truly classic games and toys of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s are still around today, albeit in a much-altered form.

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The toy was so popular stores across the country sold out before Christmas 1985.Description Huggable Glo-Worm glimmers with happiness every time toddlers lovingly squeeze his cuddly tummy.

Description The realistic stylings of these sporty autos include such features as a floorboard, simulated shift console with plastic ignition key, doors and hood that open and close, dual racing mirrors, simulated cellular phone, glove box storage compartment and detailed dash and door panels.

Use the engine key to transform cab of truck into Optimus Prime, and change trailer into battle station with four powerful weapons.

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It was the last of the so-called straight arm dolls, and what makes it even more valuable is the logo, the top half of which seems to look like Mickey Mouse (hence the name) and replaced in 1983.Squeeze the little porkers belly to blow the puff ball over the net and onto your opponents side to score.

There it is everyone, the ten best playsets of the decade, also known as the top ten toys my parents were too cheap to buy me.The articulated arm and grasping hand serve everything smoothly.The 80s was a decadent decade when kids learned quickly that more was better, and every parent on Earth was busy trying to buy their offspring the latest and greatest toys.This category has the following 12 subcategories, out of 12 total.Description Choose from the 8-piece Country Set or 8-piece City Set.

One of the most popular toys from the 1980s: The Big Wheel

Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search.Video games also became more popular and more advanced as the decade progressed and more manufacturers threw their hats into the ring like Nintendo and Sega.The early 1980s had a bit of a 1970s hangover, where most of the toys where very similar to toys that already existed in the 1970s.Children never need be afraid of the dark. smiling Glo-Worm makes the perfect night light or carry-around companion.

She just started Kindergarten this year and is quite a reader.The smaller-sized Star Wars action figures of 1978 were so popular that almost all action figures changed to the smaller size by 1982.

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Has collar, care sheet, and mail-in ownership certificate offer.Has carrying handle, swing, see-saw, slide, pool, car, rocking chair, bed, picnic table, and three plastic Weebles.Marketing geared towards children became more and more common too, as companies developed new cartoons in order to specifically market towards the young viewers (Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and more).Description Some toys are ageless and this must be one of the most popular.Description Electronic games increased in popularity and sophistication each year, this is from 1980 so compared with those sold later in the decade very basic, but still fun for kids to play.

When Pound Puppies first made their appearance during the 1980s, kids went crazy for them.The story behind this timeless toy goes back to 1902, when President Theodore Roosevelt.Includes base, one controller for single-player play, Altered Beast game, and hook-up accessories.Enter my second child who still played with this from age 2-4.

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