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Your employee will pay the income taxes when she files her own personal income tax return because her Form W-2 will show no income taxes were withheld.According to the Internal Revenue Service, 20-25% of all Americans wait until the last two weeks before the deadline to prepare their tax returns.File for Your Tax Identification Numbers Before you can file anything, you need two numbers that identify you as an employer: a federal employer identification number (FEIN) and a state employer identification number (EIN).This is the amount youll need to report to the federal and state tax agencies.Make Sure You File Before The Deadline Passes And Avoid IRS Problems.

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If youre only waiting on your state ID numbers, you cant make the process go faster.These basic tips are designed to help people avoid common errors that could delay refunds or cause future tax.

So maybe you put off filing your taxes a little longer than usual—it happens to the best of us.Here are three last-minute tax tips for homeowners that will save you money, headaches, and more.The tax calculator will also estimate the amount of Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes that should have been withheld from your caregiver and paid by you.

4 Last-Minute Tax Tips to Help You File in One Hour Flat

If you cant pay, you need to ask the IRS about a payment plan or an installment agreement.

With just days left to go, the 2018 tax season is officially nearing its end.Your Next Steps: Calculate the taxes for your caregiver Learn about tax breaks.Check out some key tips to beat the April 17 filing deadline with the IRS.

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You can do this with the Form 4868, but the IRS may or may not honor a request for an extension.

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You can write a letter, letting them know you didnt know about the requirements and asking if they will forgive the penalties.Give your caregiver her Form W-2 (although its past the January 31 st deadline for her having it), file W-2 Copy A and W-3 with the Social Security Administration and get the Schedule H ready to file with your personal federal income tax return.Although the timing is tight, you can still pull together your taxes, but youll have to move quickly.

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She can, however, pay all of her federal and state income taxes.Filing a late return doesnt excuse you from paying late taxes.

Even when filing for an extension, youll have to estimate your total tax liability and pay this amount, which takes into account both your household employment taxes and your personal taxes.Some extra saving, some stock moves, some charitable giving -- these strategies all can add up to tax savings for many people.A quick reallocation here and a receipt there can add up to a sizable refund. even with a short clock left.

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Call us at 888-273-3356 or fill in your info to request a call.If you paid in cash, youll need a formula for how many hours she worked at her rate.This year, Americans must submit and pay their taxes by midnight on Tuesday.

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Opportunities to offset prior-year income and capture credits are still available until the April 17 tax filing deadline.If you have not filed your 2014 tax return, you can reduce your tax bill by making a contribution to your individual retirement account (IRA).For example, if you compromise on paying all the FICA taxes, while allowing your employee to cover her federal and state income taxes, youll owe the FICA taxes when you file your personal income tax return and theyll be included with the Schedule H you will file with your personal income tax return.

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About 20 to 25 percent of taxpayers typically file in the final two.Outlines last minute tax savings tips, including retirement accounts, education and child care, charitable donations, as well as a deduction checklist.

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