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Attachment 31222 Attachment 31223 Attachment 32319 Attachment 32320 Attachment 32321 Attachment 32322 Attachment 32323 Introduction: Upgrading airsoft guns is a lot like playing that computer game World of Warcraft.

I live in the Philippines and I am trying to find the laws about shipping of replica guns.Does the stock TM M1911A1 Government (Which both custom guns from UNcompany and EA are built off of) come by default with a metal outer barrel.

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A couple of hobbyists have taken the plunge and purchased them, providing limited photos and opinions.Be the first to use our online store sitewide coupon, the discount is useful only for a limited time.

Gauge must have fiddled with the internals to replace the burst with full auto.

The pictures in the link make it appear that the body is relatively light.

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Where can I provide explosive BBs for airsoft guns? - Quora is home to an unbeatable selection of eHobby Asia coupons.

For the highest RoF of all, you could go for a Lipoly setup, but that would run at least 500 bucks unless youre going to replace parts once a week.Also, it sucks when you see something you want, but only brought a certain amount of money (cash only down there).I always wanted an SL8 anyways, might as well body upgrade my gun into a bad ass sniper rifle.

Much of their inventory is out of stock as well, including the aforementioned product.Your eHobby Asia discount can be received at checkout when you give the store your eHobbyAsia coupon code.

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I would only use them if you plan on disassembling the gun after nearly every game for the purposes of cleaning.The PDI 6.01mm 7-Inch Inner Barrel for TM Hi-Capa 5.1 is a must have upgrade for precision speed shooters, or anyone else that demands the utmost accuracy out of their pistol.Ares Amoeba Honey Badger Disassembly Ver 2 Gearbox Disassembly Tutorial for Ares Amoeba Honey Badger.No memes, image macros, rage comics, or blogspam. 2. No link posts straight to a webstore. 3. All posts must be airsoft related. 4. No URL shorteners (, tinyurl, etc). 5. Link Post Descriptions 6.RA-Tech NPAS This is an invaluable tool for both GBB handguns and rifles alike.

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